First Post

Hello there!

This is my first post in this new website. Over the years I’ve tried to maintain a web presence, but I was never really satisfied with the options that were available to me. When I found out about the blogdown R package, everything seemed to click:

  • I am an avid R user

  • I really like the idea of a static website that allows me to simplify my workflow and lower the time investment needed to maintain a proper website+blog

  • It allows me to write blog posts in Rmarkdown, making it easier to share and communicate ideas about statistics, data visualization and data analysis

So I have finally put a proper webpage together, and I hope to do some light blogging about my work in cognitive neuroscience, linguistics and statistics. And share plenty of R code as well. I also hope to slowly build up this site to include simple services like comments and forms, to allow some interaction with visitors.

Let’s see where this new experiment leads me!

Diogo Almeida
Associate Professor of Psychology

My research interests lie at the intersection of linguistic theory, psycholinguistics and neurocience of language.


Diogo Almeida

Testing comments via staticman!

Diogo Almeida

New comment!

Diogo Almeida

And yet another comment!

Diogo Almeida

Does the webhook work?

Diogo Almeida

Is this now passed through https?

Diogo Almeida

trying webhook again!

Diogo Almeida

Can’t believe the webhook works! What about math? \frac{n!}{k!(n-k)!}

Diogo Almeida

Math blocks require two dollar signs to work? Let’s see if it works!

$$ \frac{n!}{k!(n-k)!} $$

Diogo Almeida


Diogo Almeida

Now gravatar?

Diogo Almeida

Now with reCaptcha.

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