Sentence Processing

Sentence Processing

Sentences contain dependency relations between words at a linearly unbounded distance. For instance, in the second sentence below, it is understood that the word what is somehow linked to the verb (sing), namely, by referring to its original direct object (a song): The boy sang a song What did the boy sing ___ ? This relationship between what and the verb of the sentence (sing) is impossible to predict from linear order alone, as sentences can theoretically grow indefinitely large:

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Sentence processing selectivity in Broca's area: evident for structure but not syntactic movement

The role of Broca's area in sentence processing is hotly debated. Hypotheses include that Broca's area supports sentence comprehension via syntax-specific processes, hierarchical structure building, or working memory. Here we adopt a within-subject …

Representing number in the real-time processing of agreement: self-paced reading evidence from Arabic

In the processing of subject-verb agreement, non-subject plural nouns following a singular subject sometimes “attract” the agreement with the verb, despite not being grammatically licensed to do so. This phenomenon generates agreement errors in …