During the Fall 2018 semester, I am teaching the following courses at NYUAD:

  • PSYCH-UH 1001: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYCH-UH 3615EQ: Lab in Psychology of Language

Courses that I have taught in the past at NYUAD and may teach again at some point in the future:

  • PSYCH-UH 2212: Psychology of Language
  • PSYCH-UH 2410: Cognition
  • CDAD-UH 1007EQ: The Mind

Recent Posts

Hello there! This is my first post in this new website. Over the years I’ve tried to maintain a web presence, but I was never really satisfied with the options that were available to me. When I found out about the blogdown R package, everything seemed to click: I am an avid R user I really like the idea of a static website that allows me to simplify my workflow and lower the time investment needed to maintain a proper website+blog